Corradini Group is the first European stone factory to obtain the worldwide SI RATING.
SI RATING – Sustainability Impact Rating – measures, monitors and communicates sustainability, assessing the company’s environmental, social and governance impacts and highlights the sustainable development goals of the UN (SDGs) to which it’s positively contributing.

SI RATING is the first algorithm on a single platform that includes all the internationally recognized tools (such us for instance the ISO rules, the European Regulations, the international guidelines, the building certifications), the ESG criteria (Environmental, Social and Governance) and the 17 SDGs of the United Nations contained in the 2030 Agenda, to evaluate the management of organizations’ sustainability.

SI Rating is validated by Rina international certification body and works with the licenses and applies the SASB Materiality Map® General Issue Categories.

The evaluated themes deal with three parts:


1. GHG Emissions
2. Air Quality
3. Energy Management
4. Water & Wastewater management
5. Waste & Hazardous Materials Management
6. Ecological Impacts


7. Human Rights & Community Relations
8. Customer Privacy
9. Data Security
10. Access & Affordability
11. Product Quality & Safety
12. Customer Welfare
13. Selling Practices & Product Labeling
14. Labor Practices
15. Employee Health & Safety
16. Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion


17. Product Design & Lifecycle Management
18. Business Model Resilience
19. Supply Chain Management
20. Materials Sourcing & Efficiency
21. Physical Impacts of Climate Change
22. Business Ethics
23. Competitive Behavior
24. Management of the Legal & Regulatory Environment
25. Critical Incident Risk Management
26. Systemic Risk Management

These themes are evaluated on 5 criteria: transparency, management level, reliability, improvement, completeness.
The algorithm processes about 80 thousand billion combinations giving an objective result of how sustainable a factory could be.